Hoisan Dictionary

Traditional Simplified Hoisan Cantonese Mandarin Definition
Aan Daan dān Single, odd, solitary, simple, weak, thin, only, sheet, list
Ah Nga Asia, second
Ai dai dài strap, tyre, tire, zone, take, wear, have, come with, direct, bring up, lead, inspire, belt, girdle, band
Ai daai dài wear, wear on top, support
Aye Daai Big, great, important, strong, loud, heavy, old, eldest
Aye Dai God, emperor, imperialism
Bak Ba Uncle, eldest brother, earl
ban paan bān pull, turn, drag, right itself
Ben Bun bīn Usually used in people's names
Ben Ban bīn guest, visitor, surname, submit, object
Bew Biu biāo Mark, standard, prize, bid, symptom
Bi Bei compare, liken; comparison; than, compete, copy, gesture
Bi Bei shelter, cover, shield, protect
Big Bik A round flat piece of jade with a hole in the center
Bik Bik Bluish green, green jade
Bing Bing bīng Ice, be freezing, cool
Bing Bing bīng Hold, preside over, be in accordance with
Bing Bing bīng bright, brilliant, illuminous, glorious
Bo Bo bǎo Treasure, precious
Bon Baan bān Class, team, shift, squad, regular, deploy
bon baan bǎn board, beat, stiff, hard, put on a stern expression, plank, iron or tin plate
bong bong bāng a nation, a state, a country
Bore Bo Bo Waves, breakers, undulations
Born Bun běn Root, basis, capital, book, edition, master copy, main, original, one's own, this originally
bou bou bǎo treasure, jewel; precious, rare, riches,valuables, treasured, cherished
Born Pun pàn Name of a school in ancient times where the Ritual of Archery was held
Bow Bou bǎo Protect, keep, ensure, stand guarantor, guarantor
Boy Pui pèi Wear, admire
Boy Pui pèi An ornament worn at the waist in ancient times
bun bin bīn strand, shoes, beach, sea coast, river bank
chaak chaak book, copy, volume
Chao Chiu cháo Tide, movement, damp
Cheer che chē cart, vehicle; carry in cart
Chet chat seven
Cheuk Cheuk zhuó Profound, brilliant, lofty
cheung cheung chàng smooth, untroubled, uninhibitedly, freely, unrestrained
Cheung Cheung cháng Long, length, strong point, older, oldest, head, form, grow, acquire
Cheurng Cheung chāng Flourishing
Cheuw Chyu zhù Post, upright, pillar, column, shaped like a column, cylinder
Chi Waai wāi Slant, inclined, askew,awry
Chi chi chí Slant, inclined, askew,awry
Chi Chi Chi burning hot, intense, burn, blaze, splendid, illustrious
Chin Chun chén Set out, state, old
Cho Tiu chāo Jump over, leap over, surpass
Chong chong chǒng spoil, favorite, concubine, favor
Chook chuk shù tie, restrain, bunch, cluster, bind, control, bale
Choong Chung chōng Important place, rush forward, clash, pour boiling on, rinse, develop, balance
Chore Cho chū Original, first, primary, early
Chore Ye Open country, border, wild, rude, unruly
Chore Ye Open country, border, wild, rude, unruly
chot chá to examine, to look into, to scrutinize, to inspect
Chow miu miǎo the top end of a branch, the end of the month, year, season, etc, tip of twig, top of tree; twig
Chung chung zhòng weight, heavy, strong, important, serious, stress, weighty, double
Chwoon chyun chuān river, plain, stream, boil
chyang cheung open space, field, market
Cork Gwok guō The outer wall of a city
Cue Gou qiáo Tall
Cue Kul qiú Sphere, ball, ball game, the earth
Dap Jaap Gather, market, anthology, part
Dear Jie xiè Thank, apologize, decline, wither
Dee Jie Sister
Deing jeung jiǎng A family name, hydropyrum latifalium
Den Jeun jìn Advance, enter, bring in, eat, submit
deui jeui get together, amass, assemble, meet together, collect
Dew Jau jiù Move close to, take up a position, accomplish, take the opportunity, eat with, shortly, already, as soon as, then, as much as, only, already, simply, exactly, even though, even if, on
dew chiu qiáo firewood, to gather firewood
Dick Je jiè A mattress, to lay a mattress, see
Ding Ding dīng Man, population, cube
Dit dit dié a small melon, young melon just forming
Do JiKit Character, pronunciation, calligraphy, script, written pledge
Do Jou Grandparent, ancestor, founder
Do Ji Oneself, certainly, from
Don Jaan zàn A archaic term for a kind of jade spoon used to ladle wine during sacrificial rites, ceremonial libation cup
Don jaan zàn ceremonial libation cup
Don Jaan zàn Assist, commend, eulogy
Dong Ji Son, child, person, ancient title of respect for a learned or virtuous man, seed, egg, small and hard, copper coin, copper, young, tender
Dong Jang cēng Already, sign of past
Dong Jang céng Once
Doo Ji Grow, increase
Doo Ji catalpa ovata
Doon Git jùn Pretty handsome, talented
Doon Jeun jìn Call on
Doon Jun jùn Pretty handsome, talented
Doon deun dūn honest, sincere, kind hearted, to press, to urge, to insist on, esteem, candid
Doon seun xùn high, steep, towering, stern
Doong Jung zōng Ancestor, clan, school, purpose
Dork Jok zuō make, write, do, hold, be, be used as, become, act, perform, compose
DornToon Jyun zuǎn To succeed and go forward
doung zàng bury, inter
Doung Jaan zàn Assist, commend, eulogy
Doung Jaan zàn Assist, commend, eulogy
Doy Jai zǎi Son, young animal
Doy Joi zāi Plant, stick in, frame, tumble
Doy doi dài a black pigment used by women in ancient times used to paint their eyebrows, black, blacken eyebrows
duk duk Family clan, clan, nationality, group, ethnic group, tribe
dum zaam zān Hairpin, clasp, wear in hair
Dup Miscellaneous, mix
Dup Jaap Miscellaneous, mix
dyàng Jeng jǐng well, neat, mine, shaft, pit
Dye Daai To wash
Dye Jai Cross, help, be of help
Dye Jai Border, interior, occasion, lot
Egg Dik Enlighten
End Ding dǐng Tripod, substantial
殿 End Dian diàn palace, hall, temple
Eng Ng Army, company, five
Eng Ding Ding Calm, settled, fixed, decide, settle, order, definitely
faan faan fàn model, limit, pattern, surname, bee like insect
Fat to prick a dog to make him go
Fawn Fun huān Happy, vigorous
Fawn Fun huān Happy, vigorous
Fawn huàn Shining
Fawn Fun huān Happy, vigorous
Fawn Fun huān Happy, vigorous
Fee Wai huì Be beneficial
Fee Wai huì Intelligent
Fee Fai huī Splendor, shine
Fee Fai Hui Splendor, shine
Fee seui sui ear, tassel, ear of grain, Guangzhou
Fee fei fei species of yew
Fee fei fēi fly, flutter, evaporate, unexpected, unfounded, swiftly, go quickly, hide, dart
Fong Wang hóng Great
Fong Fong huǎng Dazzle, flash past, shake
Fong Guang huǎng The blaze of fire, dazzling
Fong péng dense or thick
Fong Fong fāng Fragrance, virtue
foo breathing
foo deputy, subsidiary, assistant, correspond to, pair
Foo Fu Husband, man, manual worker
Foo Fu Rich, abundant, wealth, enrich
Foo Fu Father, senior male relative
Foo Fu Tiger, vigorous
Fook Fuk Good fortune
Fook Fuk duplicated, complex, turn, reply, recover, take revenge, again, return, repeatedly, repeat
Fook biu biāo tiger cub, tiger like, tiger stripe
Foon Fan xūn Merit
Foon Fan xūn Meritorious deed, merit, rank
Foon xun xùn teach, train, rule, instruct, exegensis
Foon Fan xūn Merit
Foon Fan fēn Fragrance
Foon Fung píng To walk across a river instead of a boat, family name
Foon gung gōng A family name, give, present; reverential
Foon chi fēn the level surface at the upper end of a staircase, the general term for staircase, porch, courtyard, steps leading
Foong Foong fèng Male phoenix, symbol of joy
Foong fèng Female Phoenix
Foot Fut Buddihism, Budda
For Lo luǒ Expose
For Lo luǒ Expose
For deng dēng light, lantern, lamp
Fore Gwo dagger-axe (an ancient weapon)
Forn fun kuān broad, wide; spacious, vast
Forn Fun kuān Wide, broad, lenient, well-off, extend, width
fou fung >fú inspire confidence
fuk fuk >fù fragrance, scent, aroma
fung >fēng peak, hump, summit, hump of camel
fung fung >fēng abundant, lush, bountiful, plenty
Ga Ga jiā Family, home, school of thought, domestic
Ga Gah jiā Fine, praise, excellent, joyful, auspicious
gaam gaam jiàn reflect, scrutinize, warning, mirror, looking glass
gaam gaam jiàn reflect, scrutinize, warning, mirror, looking glass
gaam gaam jiàn reflect, scrutinize, warning, mirror, looking glass
Gaan Gaan jiǎn Simple, simplify
gai gai continuously, successively, continue
gam gim jiān double, both, twice, unite, combine, connect, and
gai gaai jiē all, every, everybody
gai gaai xié be together with, be in order
Gee Ji zhī Used in place of an objective noun or pronoun, this or that, used between an attribute and the word it modifies
Gee Ji Zhi Sesame, purplish mushroom thought promote, a divine and felicitous plant
Gee gei beauty, imperial concubine, a surname
Gee Ji zhì Wise, wisdom
gee Ji an irregular shaped pearl, an astrological device used in ancient China
Gee Ji Zhi Will, record, sign, remember
Gem Jum zhān Moisten, stick, touch, benefit from
Gep Kap Reach, be as good as, be in time for, and
Gep Jit zhé Wise, sage
Gerk Kit jié Solitary
Get Git jié Hero, outstanding
Get Gat Lucky
Geun Gwan jūn Army, regiment, forces, military
geung geung jiāng ginger
Gewe hong kuāng correct, rectify, help, assist, roughly estimate, Chinese surname, restore, revise
Ghee Gei Base, primary
Ghem Gum jīn Gold, metal, money, golden
Ghem Gim jiǎn thrifty, temperate, frugal, economical
Ghen diào The character is never used alone
Gin Jan zhēn True, really
Ging Ging jǐng Scenery, situation, scene, admire
Ging Ging jǐng the shine that reflects from a piece of jade
Ging Ging jǐng respect, offer, respectfully, honor
Ging jing jǐng capital city
Ging Gwing jiǒng Bright
Ging Ging jìng Compete
Git Git jié Clean
Git Git jié Clean
Gnaim ràng Allow, permit, yield, concreteHazel
Gnairng Keung qiáng Strong, able, better, extra, force
Gnau Ngau niú Cow, beef
Gnawn Wan wán Play, have a good time, visit, enjoy
Gnee Yi Righteous, human ties, meaning, just, artificial, adopted
Gnee Yi suitable, right, fitting, proper
Gnee Yi èr twain, two, disloyal, double-minded, stupid, simple-minded
Gnem Yam rèn Appoint, take up, let, responsibility, no matter
Gnem Gam jǐn Brocade, glorious
Gnem Yum yìn Drink, swallow, kind of drink
Gnen Gin jiàn Build, found, propose
Gnen Gan gēn Root, offspring, base, origin, grounds, thoroughly
Gnen Gin jiàn Strong and healthy, strengthen, be good at
Gnet re heat, fever, hot, warm, envious, popular, restless, zeal
Gneun Yun yuán Source
Gneun Yin yán Speak, speech, words
Gneun Yeung ràng Make allowances, invite, let, make way, transfer, by
Gnewe Yiu yáo Legendary sage king in ancient China
Gnewe Yu eat, roots, bear, vegetables, stink, a surname
Gnin Yan yǐn hide, conceal; hidden, secret
Gning Ying ying fill, increase, have a surplus of, full, overflowing
Gnook Yuk Jade, beauty
Gnook Yuk desire, want, long for; intend
Gnoon Nung nóng Strong, thick, great
Gnoot yue yuè pleased, contented, gratified
Gnoon yun yuán original, raw, forgive, plain, source, beginning
Gnu yu meet, treatment, opportunity, come across, encounter
gnui yu breast, milk, suckling
Gong Gwong guāng Light, scenery, glory, glint, benefit, glorify, bare, smooth, used up, just
Gong Gong gāng Ridge
广 Gong Gwong guǎng Broad, numerous
Gong Git jiāng River, Yangtze
Goo Gu Ancient time, ancient,
Gook Guk valley, grain, millet, unhusked rice, gorge, ravine
Gook Guk chrysanthemum
Goon Gwan jūn Divide equally, even, all, equally
Goon Gwan jūn sovereign, monarch, ruler, chief, prince, lord, you
goong gong gōng mount, sign, palace, temple, dwelling, enclose
Gore Gaw Elder brother, brother
Gorn Gon gān Have to do with, dry, dried up, empty, adoptive, hollowly, vain, trunk, cadre, do, act as, capable
Gorn Gon gān Dry, dried, as opposed to fresh
Gorn Gun guān Hat, corona, crown, crest, comb
Gorn Gun guān Look at, watch, observe, sight, view, outlook, concept
Gou Gou gāo Tall, high, senior, high-pitch, old
Gou Gou gǎo bright, bright sun, brilliant, high
Gow Gaau jiāo Teach, religion,
Gow Gou gāo Testicals
Gow Gau gǒu Casual, temporary, provided
Gow Gau jiǔ nine
Guen Gun guān Official, organ
Guen Gon Gàn Trunk of a tree or human body, to do, to have sex with
Gui Geoi raise, mobilize, elect, cite, act, whole, lift up, recommend
Guen Gon gān Have to do with, dry, dried up, empty, adoptive, hollowly, vain, trunk, cadre, do, act as, capable
Guen Yeun rùn Sleek, lubricate, polish, profit
Guiw Kau gōu See
gun gwaan guān close, imprison, close down, turn off, concern, pass, custom, critical point, frontier pass, custom
Guy Gaai jiè Warn, religious tenets
Gwe Gwuie guì Expensive, valuable
Gwee Giu jiāo Delicate, lovely, fragile, spoil
Gwee Gwai guì Laurel
Gwok Gwok guó Country, national, Chinese
Gyun Gyun juān Beautiful
Ha Ha xià Go down, fall, issue, put in, give, begin, finish
Ha Ha xiá Red sky
Ha Ha xià surname, china, chinese, great, grand, manificent, magnificent colors, resplendent colors, variegated, summer, big
Hak Hak gram, overcome, transliteration, restrain
Hawk Hok xué Study, imitate, learning, science, school, high school, elementary school
hay xi happy, to be liked, an event that is meant for people to be happy, having a child in the womb, like, love, enjoy, joyful thing
Heark Hek chī eat, eat in, live off, wipe out, withstand, absorb, take, drink, bear, endure, suffer
Hee Hou congratulation, send present
Hee Hei Hope
Hee Hei See
Hee Hei Happiness
Hee Hei bright, dim light, glimmer; warm
Hem Yam qīn Admire, respect, by the emperor himself
Hem tem tiān add, give birth to, append, add to, increase
Hem tian tián sweetness, sweet
Hen Cherh Blow
Hen Tin tiān Sky, day, season, fall, weather, nature, god, heaven, overhead
Hen tián Manifest, display, evident, clear
Hen Hin xiǎn Display, be apparent, illustrious
heui heui praise, promise, allow, maybe
Heung heung xiāng fragrant, delicious, sound, popular, spice, incense, sweet smelling
Heurng Heurng xiāng Countryside, home town, township
Heurng Hung xióng Male, imposing, strong, very powerful person
Heurng Hang hēng g prosperous, go smoothly, henry (a unit of inductance), progressing, no trouble
Hi Dai An archaic term for the phrasing of elder sister uses to address her little sister
Hing Ting tíng Pavilion, kiosk, phone booth
Hing Ting tíng stop, stop off, park, ready, delay, suspend, suitable
Hing Hing qīng A minister or high official in ancient times, a term of endearment formerly used between husband and wife or among close friends
Hing Ting Ting Pretty, attractive, graceful
Hing Ting tíng Hall, courtyard, law court
Hing Ting Ting Court
Hing Hing qìng Celebrate, festival
Hing Hing xīng Prosper, be popular, promote, begin
Hing Hing xīn strong fragrance, aromatic, distant fragrance
Ho Hou hǎo Good, easy, well, very, cheer, regards
Ho Tou táo Peach
Ho hou háo yell, howl
Ho Hou háo Giant, unrestrained, heroic, outstanding, powerful
Ho Hou háo great, numerous, vast, abundant
Hoi Hoi hǎi Ocean, lake, sea, extra large
hom chaam cān to reach into the realm of understanding, to impeach an official before the emperor, recommend
Hom Taam tán Archaic variant of talk
Hon xián Idle, quiet, unused, leisure
Hong Hang xìng Apricot
Hong Toong táng Birch leaf pear
Hong Tang tāng hot water, soup, gravy, broth
Hong Hang héng Weight, weigh
Hong Hang xiàng Weight, weighlane, alley
Hoo Si shì Soldier, non-commissioned officer, nurse, doctor
Hoon quǎn
Hoong Tung tóng Be the same, do together, with, as
Hoong Hung hóng Flood
Hoong Hung hóng Red, popular, successful, bonus
Hoong Tung tǒng System, command, all
Hoong Tung tóng copper, brass, bronze cuprum
鸿 Hoong hung hóng wild goose, letter, vast, species of wild swan
Hoong hung xióng bear, bruin, teddy, surname, bright, brillant
hore hou river, galaxy, stream, yellow river
Hore Ho Approve, suit, can, but, very
Horn Hon hàn The Han, man
Houng Tong táng Embankment, pond, public bathhouse
Houng Hong kāng Healthy, well off
Houng Wun huán A family name, a variety of tree
How haau qiǎo skillful, ingenious, clever
Hoy Toi tái Tower, stage, stand, table, telephone service, station
Hoy Toi tái Tower, stage, stand, table, telephone service, station
Hoy Hoi kāi Open, open up, bloom, come undone, drive, run, start, hold, write out, pay, boil, serve, be in a ratio of
Huaw ho what, when, who, why, where, which, how
hung hung hóng rainbow
hung tung tóng a general term for paulownia, phoenix tree and tung tree
Ick Dik Blood, orthodox
Ick Dik Enemy, oppose, equal
jang zheng zhèng One of the warring states, surname, state in today Henan
Jee Jyu zhū pearl, bead
Jeen chun cheng
Jek Jik zhí Plant, establish
Jet zit zhé wise, sage
jeung jeung zhàng old man, husband
Jeung Jeung zhāng Open, extend, exaggerate, open for business, lay on
jeung zhuàng shape, state, complaint, certificate, form, appearance, official
Jeung Jeung zhāng An archaic term for a type of long jade tablet used as a ritual device
Jeung Jeung zhāng Article, chapter, order, regulation, seal, badge, button
Jeung Jong zhuāng Village, manor, teahouse, restaurant
Jeurng Jeung zhàng A screen-like mountain peak
Jeurng Jeung zhāng Obvious, praise
Jew Jau zhōu Circle, week, give financial help, widespread, thorough
Jew Jau zhōu Autonomous prefecture, state
Jew Jau zhōu Circle, week, give financial help, widespread, thorough
jiep xi to repeat something as to practice, to be familiar with, a habitual tradition, practice, flapping wings
Jik Jik zhí Post, duty
Jin Jan zhèn Vibrate, boost
Jing Jing zhèng Politics, affairs
Jing Jing zhēn Hardwood, terminal posts used in building a wall in ancient times
Jing Jing zhēng Straight, main, right, upright, pure, regular, principle, positive, straighten, just, right now
Jing Jun zhēn Treasure, jewelry, value, valuable
Jing Jing zhēn Loyal, chaste, chastity
Jock Jaak Pool, damp, sheen, luster, kindness
Joe Jiu cháo Imperial court, dynasty, reign, face, towards, morning, day
Joe Jiu zhào Light up, reflect, take a photograph, look after, contrast, refer to, understand, photograph, license, according to, in the direction of
Joe Jiu zhào The name of feudal state in Zhou Dynasty
Join Jyun zhuàn turn, shift, move
Jom ham kān endure, bear, could, may, adequately capable of, worthy of
Jong Jong zhuàng Strong, grand, bolster
Jook Juk zhù Wish
Jook Juk zhú Bamboo
Joon Jeun zhēn Become
Joon Jeun zūn respect, revere, venerate; honor
Joong Jung zhòng Intermediary
Jum Jaam zhàn Deep, crystal clear
Jung Jung zhōng Centre, center, China, the middle,impartial, course, be suitable for, OK
Jut Ji product, accumulate, store, amass
Jyun Jyun zhuān Concentrate, dominate
Kai Kai Open, enlighten, start
Kai Kai Open, enlighten, start
Kai Kai Open, enlighten, start
Kam Sum cén A small but of high altitude hill
Kam Kum qín Piano, violin
Kee Kei His, her, its, their, him, it, them, that
Kee Kei Odd
Kee Kei fine jade, type of jade
Ken Kan qín Hard work, regular, duty, attendance
keurng Keung jiàng Stubborn
keuw ju channel, ditch, tunnel, QU surname, gutter
Key Kei Qi pray, wish, entreat, beseech
Key Kei Auspicious, now usually used in letters to express good wishesHazel
Key Kei This character is never used alone , legendary auspicious animal
King King qióng Fine jade
Kong Gung gōng Public, general, international, fair, male, make public, official business, authorities, duke, father-in-law
Kong Gwong kuàng A family name
Koon Kwan qún Crowd
Kuen Kwan kūn Female
Kuen Kyun quán Power, right expediency, for the time being
Kung Hung kǒng Hole, nostril
Kung Gwan kūn Bright
Kuy keui distinguish, area, region, district, ward
Laan Laan lán Orchid
Laan lán late
Lai Lai Encourage
Lai Lai Ceremony, courtesy, present
Lai Lai Lambs quarters, Chenopodium album
Lai Lei Beautiful, magnificent
Lai Lai Surname, numerous, many, black
Lark Lok Happy, take pleasure in, laugh
Lau Lau artemisia stelleriana
Law Lo luó Net for catching birds, gauze
Lee Lei Plum
Lee Lei Carp
Lee Lei inside, inner, neighbor, neighborhood, hometown, in, unit of length equal to 500 meters, village, lane
Lee Lei smooth, active, clever, sharp
Lee Lei white jasmine
Lem Lim lián Honest, cheap
Lem Lum lín Downpour
Lem Lam lín face, reach, be about to, copy, drawm near, approach, descend
Lem Lim lían part of name of a river
Lem Lam lián upright, honorable, honest
Len Lin lián Lotus
Len Lin lián Connect, in succession, including, even
Len Leun lín Scale, scaly
Lep Laap Stand, stand up, set up, exist, upright, immediately
Let Lit liè Set out, list, rank, category
Leui Leui lèi Tired, tire, work hard
Leung Leung liàng Bright, clear, tolerant, shine, show
Leung Leung liáng Beam, bridge, ridge
Leung Leung liánɡ A refined variety of millet, a good meal
Leung Leung liáng Good, much
Lew Lau liú Surname, kill, destroy, dragon slayer
Lew Liu liào Family name
lew niǎo bird
li lei pear; opera; cut, slash
lei Sharp, gains, advantage, profit & interest, merit, benefit
lei Texture, reason, natural science, logic; manage, tidy, acknowledge
Lim Lum lín Wood, forestry
Lim Lam lín Precious jade
Lin Lin lián
Ling Ling Ling Insult, rise, approach, ice
Ling Ling líng tinkling of jade
Ling Ling líng nimble, effective, soul, deity, bier
Lok Lok Luo white horse with white mane, camel, surname
Long Loong lǎng Bright, clear
Loo Lou Stupid, impetuous
祿 Look Luk Official pay
Look Luk liù An elaborate form of “six” used in writing cheques, etc to prevent mistakes and forgery
Look Leun lín Unicorn
Look Look law, rule
Look Luk liù six
Loon Leun lún Human relationships, order, match
Loong Lung lóng Grand prosperous, deep, bulge
Loong Lung lóng Dragon, imperial
Lou Lou Surname
Lui Leui léi Thunder, mine
Luke Lu liù six, land, continental; army
Lwo Luo luó net, sieve, silk gauze, catch with a net, spread out, collect
Ma Mahn Horse
Maan agate; cornelian
Maan Maan wǎn Late, evening
Mak Mak mài Wheat
Man Maan màn graceful, prolonged, long, extended, vast, beautiful
貿 Mau Mau mào trade, barter, mix, rashly
mearng ming ming name, reputation, famous, describe
Mee Mei Wèi Note
Mee Mei měi Beautiful, good, be pleased with oneself, good deed
Mee Mei méi eye brow, top margin, upper margin of book
Mee Mei mèi charming, attractive, flatter
Men min mián cotton; cotton padded
Men Meen mián Cotton, fibre, fiber
Men Mahn mín The people, person, folk, civilian
Men Man mǐn quick, clever, fast, smart
Meng Meng mìng life, fate, life span, order, set, destiny, luck
Meun Mun wén Writing, written language, essay, culture, astronomy, humanities, civilian, gentle, tattoo
滿 Meun Mun mǎn full, complete, fill, be satisfied, fully
Mew Miu miào Wonderful, ingenious
Ming Ming Ming Bright, clear, open, perceptive, sight, understand, show
Mm Ng Surname
Mm hou hào vast sky, summer time, heaven
Moe Mou máo Hair, mould, mold, mildew, crude, gross, careless, little
mok mok desert, indifferently, aloof, cool
Mong Maang mèng Eldest
Mong Mong wàng look at or forward; hope, expect
Mook Muk Eye, item, catalog, title, order
Morn Moon mén Door, switch, knack, school of thought, category
Mort Maat Daub, plaster, skirt, bypass, wipe, pull, apply, erase
mou yung rong
Moy Mui méi Plum tree, plum blossom, plum
Moy Mui méi Plum tree, plum blossom, plum
Moy Mui méi Rose
Mun Maan wàn Ten thousand, definitely
Mung Mang méng Sprout
My Mie Rice, husk seeds, meter
Na No A word used for phonetic translation, especially in a ladies' name
Naam Naam nán South
Nee Nerh Girl
Nee Yu Used to address the other party of a talk, equivalent to you or your
Nem Neem niàn Read, study, miss, idea
Nen Neen nián Year, new year, age, era, harvest, annual
Neui Neui Woman, daughter
Ngaa Nga Proper, elegant, you
Ngai Ngai Beginning, bound
Ngan Gan gěn Blunt, straightforward, forthright, tough, leathery
Ngan Ngun yín Silver, money
Ngan Ngai firm, resolute, staunch, decisive, persist
Ngan yan yán pride in social setting, face, prestige, hue, color, face, facial appearance
Ngee Yi ér Child, youngster, son, male
Ngee syun xuān announce, lead off
Ngee yi appearance, ceremony, gift, meter, rites, admire
Ngem Yim yán strict, rigorous, rigid; stern
Ngen Yan rén Benevolence, kernel
Ngen Yin yàn Extend condolences
Ngen Yin yàn An able and virtuous person, a person with outstanding talent and virtue
Ngen Yan yàn An able and virtuous person, a person with outstanding talent and virtue
Ngeng Yeung yǎng Look up, respect, depend on
Ngeng Yin rán Correct, so, however
Ngep Yip Industry, job, studies, enterprise, property, already
Nget Yat Sun, day time, day, every day, Japan
Ngew Kin qiáo Stick up, raise
Ngong ngong áng lift, be high, rise, raise, proud, bold, upright
Ngore Ngo é Pretty woman
Ngou Ngou áo See,soar, roam
Ngu Mushroom
Ngu Yu Comply with, be like, be as good as, as, if
Ngu Yow róu soft
Nguen Yun yuán First, chief, fundamental, component, coin, yuan
Nung Nung néng Ability, energy, can, capable
Nye Nei Buddhist nun
Nye Naai nǎi Be
Nye Naai nǎi Be
Nyuyt Yuet yuè The moon, month, monthly, moon cake
Ock Duk Virtue, ethics
Ock Duk Morality, kindness
Ock Duk Special, especially, extremely, secret agent
Ock Dak děi need, must, will, obtain, get, gain, acquire/th>
Oh Dou dào Road, way, morals, the Tao, line, channel
Oi Oi ài Love, enjoy, care about
Ong Dang dēng Go up, publish, pedal, get up onto, put on
Ong Dung dèng A family name
Ong ang ying oriole, green finch
Ook Duk Sincere, critical
Oon Dan dǔn Wholesale, buy wholesale
Oong Doong dōng East, owner, host
Oong DungGwai dòng Ridge pole, a building
oong pang péng fabulous bird of enormous size
oong dung dōng winter, knock, rattle of drums
oong laang lěng cold, frosty, silent, rare, unpopular, hidden, cool, lonely
ooy oi ǎi friendly, lush, affilable
Ore duò
Orn Jyun zhuān Concentrate, dominate
Orng On ān Quiet, safe, calm, be content with, place, fit, set up, bring, harbour, harbor
Ot Daat Reach, last, express
Ouie Deui duì Answer, treat, face, come into contact with, suit, adjust, check, add, opposite, correct, normal, at, pair
Owl Au ōu Europe, ohm
Pak Paak bǎi Cypress
Peng Ping píng Pepperwort, apple
Peng Ping píng duckweed, traveling, wandering
Pie Paai pài Group, manner, set, send, assign, apportion, stylish, expose
ping ping pīng beautiful, attractive, charming, graceful
Ping Ping bǐng Hold, get rid of, screen
Ping Ping Ping Flat, calm, ordinary, even, level, equal, suppress
Poi Pui pèi Abundant, full, copious, sudden
Pon Paan pān Climb, seek friends in high places, chat
Pong Pang péng A family name, name of ancient country
Poo Fu An elegant title for men, usually used as a suffix to, barely
Poo pou4 catail, reed mace, club grass, surname, type rush, vine
Poo pou book, score, manual, family records, confidence, set to music
Poor Indecent
Pork Pok Simple, honest, plain, rough
Poy Pui péi Foster
Poy Pui bèi Bud
Poy Pui pèi Match, pair, equal, blend
Quie Keui A road that extends in all directions, a highway
Saan Saan shān Mountain, iceberg
Saan Saan shan coral
Sai Sai shì Life, generation, age, world
San Saan sǎn Umbrella
Sau Siu shǎo Few, lack, be missing
Sear Syu shù Multitudinous, numerous, of or by a concubine
Sear Syu shù Forgive
Sear Se shè Organization
Searng Sing chéng City wall, city, town
See Syu shù Tree, cultivate, establish
See Si shì Surname
See See, celery
See Yan xīn Glad
See Si shī Poetry
Seirk Jeuk zhuó Burn, bright
Sem Sum sēn Wooded, gloomy
Sem Sin chán beautiful, lovely, pretty, grace
Seui Seui shuǐ water, waters, liquid, lotion, juice
seung seung cháng name of moon goddess
seung seung xiǎng think, reckon, want to, miss, speculate, plan, consider
seung seung shàng Esteem, still, yet; even; fairly, rather
Seurk jeuk sháo Peony, water chestnuts
Sewe Suhl shòu Length of life
Sewhel Siu zhào Sign, million, foretell
Sheurk Suk shū Ladylike
Shoong Sung chóng High, think highly of
Shun Seun shùn with, along, on the way, follow, in order, obey, successful, submit to , go along with
Shyang Seung cháng common, normal, frequent,regular, often, general, constant, invariable
Sic sek tin
sim sam shēn deep, remote, difficult, close, dark, late, depth, very, far, extreme, deepness, profound, great, obtuse, obscure, long
Sing Sing shèng Win, defeat, be better than, superb
Sing Sing xìng my surname
Sing Sing chéng Accomplish, become, result, mature, established, O.K.
Sing Sing shēng Rise, promote, litre, liter
Sing Sing chéng Ladle out, contain
Sing Sing shēng Sound, reputation, make a sound
Sing Sing chéng Honest, really
Sing Sing shēng Rise, promote, litre, liter
Sing Sing shèng bright, clear, brightness, splendor
Sing Sing shèng Flourishing, intense, grand, abundant, popular, deeply, contain, fill
Sing Sing shèng holy, sacred, sage
Sit Yat xián Licentious, libertine, dissipated
Slaan Saan sǎn Umbrella
Slee Sei Four
Slee Si shì to look at, to regard upon, to inspect, observe, see
Slee Si shì to look at, to regard upon, to inspect, observe, see
Slee Si shì to look at, to regard upon, to inspect, observe, see
Slem Sum xīn Heart, mind, centre, center
Slen Seun xìn Beve, be religious, at will, letter, mailbox, information, trust, proof
Slen Sin xiān Immortal
Slen Seen xiān Earlier, late
Slen Sun xīn New, newly wed, newly
Slen San shēn a great many, long, numerous, a marsh plant whose root is used for medicine
Sleung Seung xiāng Evaluate, mutually, judge, assist, appearance, posture, minister, photograph
Sleurk yeung yáng Frontlet
Sleurn syun xuán fine jade
sleurn syun sūn grandchild
Sleurn Syun xuán Revolve, return, spiral
Sleurn Syun xuán an archaic term for a large piece of jade for worshiping heaven, ornamental piece of jade several
Slew xiào laugh, laugh at
Slew Sou Revive, recover
Slew Sou Revive, recover
Slew Sau xiù Elegant, outstanding, talent
Slew Siu xiāo Desolate
Slew Sou Revive, recover
Slew Sou Revive, recover
Sling Sing xīng Star, bit
Sloo Si tíng Official, serve government
Sloo Si Miss, think, hope, thought
Sloo Chi Kind
Sloo Sau Plain, always, vegetable, element
Sloo Si silk, fine thread, wire, strings
Sloo Si take charge, department, control, officer, manage
Slook Syut xue snow, bright, avenge
Slui Seui ruì Good luck
Slui Sul xiù Embroider, embroidery
Slui Sau xiù Embroider, embroidery
Slui Sau xiū Decorate, mend, study, build, trim
Sly Siu xiǎo Small, youngest, take a short rest, a bit, young child
Sly Saai Imperial or royal seal
So Siu zhào Start, cause
Soon Yu Name of a person who was the first monarch of the Xia Dynasty
Soon seun chún spirit, alcohol, pure, rich, good as wine, unmixed
Soon Seun shùn A persons name, who was a king in ancient times according to Chinese legends
Soung A lot, a label, a slip of bamboo engraved with signs
Soung Saang shēng Give birth to, grow, live, get, light, life, student, a elementary school student, living, unripe, raw, crude, unfamiliar, stiff, very
Soung sēn
Soung Seung shuāng Too, even, double, pair
Sow siu shào continue, carry on, hand down, to join, to succeed, to recommend
Sup sap shí ten, tenth, complete, perfect
tau tau tōu steal, take time off, muddle along, thief, stealthy, burglar
teark tang téng sore, love, aches, pains, be fond of
Tearng Yeung xiáng Auspicious
Tearng Cheung xiáng Circle in the air
Ten Chan qīn See
ten chin qián front, first, former, future, advance, preceeding
Ten Syun Sun evening meal, supper; cooked food
thleng seung xiāng A river that originates in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and enters the Dongting Lake in Hunan Province , Alternative name for Hunan Province
Tien cheun qin feudal state of qin; qin dynasty, an ash tree
Ting Ging qìng Cool
Ting Ching qīng Clear
Ting Ching qīng Clear, quiet, distinct, settled, pure, get rid of, check, put in order
Ting jing jīng flower of leek family, turnip
Toe Chou cāo Hold, control, engage in, speak, exercise, conduct
Toe tou tāo torrential, overflow, rushing water, rampant
Tom Chaam cān to reach into the realm of understanding, to impeach an official before the emperor, recommend
Ton Chan càn Vivid, illuminating, bright
Toon Chyun chuán jié Hand down, pass on, spread, conduct express, summon, infect
Toon Chyun cún Exist, store, save, check in, retain, left over, harbour, harbor
椿 Toon Cheun chūn Chinese toon, tree of heaven
Toon Jeun zhēn Hazel
Toon Seun chún Pure, skillful
Toon Chyun cūn village, rustic, hamlet; uncouth, vulgar
Toon Chyun quán To weigh, to select officials by qualification
Toon Cheun chūn spring, sexual desire, vitality, wanton
Toong Chung sōng Pine tree, a condiment made of finely shredded preserved meat, relax, loosen, loose
toong king
Toong chung cōng Hearing, acute, clever
Toong tung dòng heat
Toy Choi cǎi Pick, pluck, gather, mine, extract, choose, select, manner, air or spirit (of a person)
Toy Choi cái Material, talented person
Toy Choi cái Ability, just, talent, not until, only if, only after, only, really
Toy Choi cái Wealth
Toy Choi cái Wealthcolor, cheer, variety, winnings, blood, varicolor silk, variegated
Twea Yi cuì Green, jadeite
Twoon Chyun quán Complete, whole, entirely, keep intact
Tye Chai Wife, fiancée
Tye Chai Neat, joint, ready, reach, level, at the same time
uhm jim zhān look up, look, look out for; respect
Ving Wing yǒng Everlasting, forever
Waan Waan huán jade ring bracelet, ring
waang huang héng horizontal, sideways, length ways, transverse, flowingly, fragrantly
Wah Wah huá Magnificent, prosperous, extravagant, grey, gray, the cream, time, China
Wah Wa huà Words, talk about
War Who Join in the singing, compose a poem in reply, and, with, mild, warm, on good terms, reconciliation, peace, total, draw
We Wai wéi Leather
Wear Wui huì converge, gather, transfer, foreign exchange, collection
Wear Wui huì converge, gather, transfer, foreign exchange, collection
Wear Wui huì converge, gather, transfer, foreign exchange, collection, concourse; flow together, hedgehog, assemble
Wee Wai Wei Power
Wee Wai wěi
Wee Wai wěi Great
Wei Wui huì Assemble, meet, understand, be able to, can, might, gathering, association, city, opportunity, fair
Wei Waih wéi Hold together, maintain, dimension
Weun Wan yùn Move, transport, use, luck
What Wut huó Live, keep alive, alive, flexible, lively, lifelike, completely, work, product
Why Fung féng Come across, meet, come upon
Wing Wing róng Flourishing, thriving, glorious
Wing Wing yǐng Intelligence, intelligent
Wing yǐng Intelligence, intelligent
Wing Wing yǒng chant, intone, to narrate in poetic form, to express in poetic form, poetry, sing, chant
Won Yun wǎn Tactful, gracious
Wong Wong guāng Sir name
Wong Wong wàng Roaring, flourishing, blooming
Wong Wong huáng Yellow, pornographic, yolk, gold
Wong Wong wǎng to, past, go depart, formerly
Woo Wu Crow, black, dark
Woo Wu protect, take sides, defend, guard, shelter
wood jyut zhuo sprout, flourish; vigorous
Woon Wan wěn Steady, firm, composed, reliable, sure, keep calm
Woon Wan yǐn Govern, oversee, director, title of an ancient official position, usually head of a place
wooyee wai wéi surround, all sides, measurement
Woun Wun yún Cloud, say
yawn yun ruǎn Nyguen, ancient musical instrument
Yee Yu Confusianism, scholar
Yee Yi Yi An archaic term for any of the bronze sacrificial ultensils, a common practice, a rule
Yee Yi Yi Cheerful
Yee Yi Yi Meaning, wish, expect
Yee Yu A fine jade, gem, lustre of gems virtues, good points
Yee Ji Offer sacrifices to the gods or spirits of the dead
Yee Yi Figure woven silk material, damask, beautiful, gorgeous
Yee Yu Give, offer, grant, get along with, be on good terms with, help, support, with, used to introduce the recipient of an action, and
Yee Yu Plentiful
Yee Yu Remain, more than, extra-curricular
Yee Yi safe, raze, exterminate, ancient barbarian tribe
Yee Yu house, the universe, appearance, building, structure, eaves
yeit yat leisurely, lost, escape, surpass
Yem Yim yán Scorching, inflammation, power
Yem Yim yàn Gorgeous, romantic, envy
Yem Yim yàn Gorgeous, romantic, envy
Yem Yim yàn Gorgeous, romantic, envy
Yen San shèn Kidney
Yen Yin xián Virtuous, virtuous person
Yen Yin yàn swallow, comfort, joy
Yen Yin yān reek, smolder, lunt, smoke, dust, soot, tobacco, cigarette
Yen Yin yān reek, smolder, lunt, smoke, dust, soot, tobacco, cigarette
yep hip ye to harmonize, to rhyme; to unite; (borrowed for) leaf
yeui yeui ruì wise and clever, farsighted, astute, profound, shrewd
Yeun Yun yuán Surname
Yeung Jeun jùn Dredge
Yeung Yeung yáng Yang, sun, protruding, overt, positive
Yeung Yan zhēn discriminate, distinguish, examine, discern, grade, surname
Yeurk Yuk To give birth to a baby, to rear
Yeurk seui shuì molt, exuviate, shed
Yeurng Ying yíng A sea
Yeurng Yung rong to hold; to contain; to allow; appearance; look; countenance
Yu rain, rainy
Yi rely on, be set in; consent, obey a wish, depend on, comply with, according to
yiak yeuk treaty, agreement, covenant
Yik Yik Also
亿 Yik Yik Hundred million
Yik yi
驿 yik yi relay station
Yim yim rǎn tender, weak, proceed gradually
Yin Yan ēn Kindness
Yin Yun yān Dark red
Ying Ying Ying Answer, agree, should
Ying Ying yīng very serious
Ying Ying yīng A jade like fine stone
Ying Ying>Jeun yīng Flower, hero, Britain
Ying yíng win;surplus, gain, profit
Ying ying yíng bright, lustrous, lustre of gem
Yip Yap Town, city, county
Yit Yat one, unity, brush, unit
Yoan Yuan yuǎn far, distant, remote, profound
Yoe Yiu yāo Die young
耀 Yoe Yiu yào Radiance, shine, boast of, brillant
Yoe yáo Precious jade, jasper
Yoong yung yòng use, need, consume, expense, apply, employ, operate
York Yuk Give birth to, raise, education
Yorn Yun wán Butterfly, weed
You Yau yòu Help, protect, bless
You Yau yòu Again, too, another, and, but, even
You Yau yòu Friend, friendly, friendly nation
you yul
You Yul yǒu Have, occur
You Fui wěi name of a river in honan
You yau yōu excellent, abundant, preferential treatment, superior, actor
Young wēng Father-in-law, old man
Yourn Yun xuán Deep, unreliable
Yuen Yun yuán Surname
Yuerk Yuk Fertile, rich, irrigate
Yuey Yeui Descendant, border region
Yuk Yu Strong-smelling, lush, gloomy
Yuk Yuk Shine
Yuk Yu Strong-smelling, lush, gloomy
Yuk Yu Strong-smelling, lush, gloomy
yuk Yuk rare treasure
Yung Yeung yáng Poplar
Yung wēng Father-in-law, old man
zee yi Fine virtue, virtuous, admirable, esteemed
zewe Yewe rui sharp
zin zhen zhèn town, garrison, suppress, guard, calm, cool, market place
zit zat zhì nature, quality, matter, pledge, simple, question, material, substance

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