Lew Family Ancestors

The Lew Family ancestors documented herein reflect the culmination of many years of research and the painstakingly slow process of translating Chinese to English. Countless interviews, correspondence, and many hours have produced the following charts depicting family relationships and names used by our ancestors. The chart formatting chosen hopefully will make it easier to navigate between family charts. Note that the charts reflect the family lineages of Slen War Lee and Oong War only. There are three main family branches that populate the two villages. They are Slen Hen branch (先 顕), Yee Ngep branch (禩 業), and Yee Ten Yung branch (禩 飧 翁).

To navigate through these family charts, you can click on a name on the chart to navigate to the next corresponding family chart. You will be able to navigate up or down the family lineage using the name links. If a name doesn't have a link, than this individual may have died young, not married, had no children, is a young person, or no information was found about this individual.

Access to the Lew Family Tree is restricted to Lew Family members from the villages of Slen War Lee (新 和 里) and Oong War (東 和). If you are related to any of the Lew Family members from the villages of Slen War Lee (新 和 里) and Oong War (東 和), send an email to Tom Loui (tloui88@gmail.com). Include in the email the following information: